Apartamento para Alugar no Porto

Recebei o mesmo mail que Ana diz no 30 de Janeiro de 2012 s 14:28, mas esta vez era para alugar um apartamento no Porto, T-2, Rua do Bonjardim (Santo Ildefonso), 4000-119, Porto/Porto
(Con respeito este tema: http://www.queixas.net/site-pt-anuncioo-burla)
Para mim no foi o site pt.anuncioo.com, mas o imobiliario Lardocelar, com estes datos Referncia Imvel LardoceLar: 46602 (mas agora o link no est disponvel http://www.lardocelar.com/imobiliario/erro.jsp?type=class&idClassificado=46602)

Let me introduce myself, I am 51 years old, married; I am a project manager in civil engineering, currently living in London England. I bought this apartment when I worked in Portugal as part of a 5 year contract, thinking it would be a better investment than taking in rent.
I am looking for a serious, responsible and clean person to rent the apartment that will take care of the apartment as it were its own. So I would like to know more details about yourself: How old are you, if you are married, if you have a pet, occupation etc I must say that I have nothing against pets. I love pets and they are welcome in the apartment. In addition to the rest, here is some information about the apartment: The apartment is in a good area, public transportation is just around the corner, neighbors are nice peoples and you will get along with them well. The apartment is exactly like in the pictures, fully furnished, fully equipped, so you wont need anything more to move in (you can also bring your own things, furniture if you have). The monthly rent is 350 (for the whole apartment), utilities included (water, electricity, internet, cable). You can rent the apartment for an indefinite period, but for a minimum period of 2 months. The renting conditions are: 1 month payment plus a refundable security deposit of 700 is required (in total 1050E), you will have it back at the end of your stay. Parking for two cars is included. You can move into the apartment the same day you receive the keys.
The deal will be done by an international real estate agency named ImmobilienScout24. The real estate company that will handle the transaction it is serious and with professional staff, they will help you in any matter regarding the apartment. Along with the keys you will receive 1 year renewable contract, signed and legalized at a public notary. Upon visit if you will not like the apartment from any reasons you will get your money back. If you agree with the terms send me the following data so I can go at the agency to start the renting formalities:
Name in full: ..
Address (street, postal code, city,): ..
Nationality: ..
Date of move in and out: ..
Phone number: ..
Copy of your identity card
For how many months/years do you want the apartment: ..
I appreciate your interest in my apartment and Im looking forward to our future collaboration and friendship.
com um segundo mail que dizia assim
I just arrived from the agency I did the contract and gave them the apartment keys. The agency will contact you with the transaction details please wait their contact.
If you are not contacted by ImmobilienScout24 agency in 24 hours please write them an e-mail at ImmobilienScout24: office@immobilienscout24-global.com and ask about the transaction: ID: //////
Thanks in advance and hope to hear back from you soon!
PS: Because the agency sends their notifications in HTML format it is possible that you receive their messages in your SPAM box of your e-mail account, please check there to.

Anexo o ficheiro do justificante da transaco. Queria saber se esta queixa supone alguma aco legal o para que que sirve.
(Disculpem o meu portugus, sou estudante espanhola)
Muito obrigada
Alicia Garca

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